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Overview of Our Foundation

The Naito Foundation was established in 1969 to encourage natural science researchers for preventing and treating human diseases and for contributing to the promotion of science and welfare of human beings by the financial contribution from Eisai Co., Ltd. and its founder, Mr. Toyoji Naito.

The Naito Foundation supports the research by a variety of grants such as the Naito Memorial Grant for Natural Science Researchers in Japan, the Naito Memorial Grant for Research Abroad etc., hoping that many excellent researchers would be produced in Japan in the fundamental research areas in which most of the results were made by European and American researchers.

In addition to the above, the Naito foundation holds "The Naito Conference" every year where the top level researchers in the world make public their latest research results in the area of specific research areas.


The Naito Memorial Award for the advancement of science

The Naito Foundation yearly confers an award on a scientist who has achieved an outstanding advancement of science. The scientist is awarded a gold medal with 10 million yen.


The Naito Grant for the advancement of natural science

To support a part of research expenses for scientists who are dedicated to the promotion of research.

The Naito Grant for stepping up with an outstanding project

To support a scientist who received the Naito Grant for the advancement of science in the past, and has been conducting research in either the same project or derived one.

The Naito Grant for female scientist after maternity leave

To support a female scientist who decided to resume the research work after her maternity leave.

The Naito Grant for fostering scientific full bloom for the next generation

To support a scientist who is within 10 years after the doctorate acquisition and is dedicated to the promotion of natural science research.

The Naito Grant for studying overseas

To support a scientist who wish to study abroad in the specific field of his or her research on natural science.

The Naito Grant for scientific symposia and lecture meetings

To support the person who is in charge of organizing an international conference (symposium, lecture meeting).
International conference means that of which the number of total participants is more than 50, and the number of participants' countries is more than 2.

The Naito Grant for invitation of overseas scientists

To invite a scientist who has achieved an outstanding advancement of science, to Japan from abroad.

The Naito Conference

The Naito Conference is an international research conference focusing on a specific research theme which aims at providing an outstanding opportunity for dedicated scientists in a focused field, to exchange the most updated information and to make intensive discussions on their research outcomes.
The conference is an international meeting, consisting of both lectures by invited world-renowned scientists and poster presentations selected by the organizing committee. The participants are limited only the invited lecturers and approved poster presenters for both formal and informal discussion.
The conference site is carefully chosen not only for concentrating the scientific discussion, but also for establishing networks among participants under an atmosphere of retreat environment.
The Naito Foundation has sponsored the conferences since 1991.

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