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About the Naito Conference

What is the Naito Conference?

The Naito Conference aims at providing scientists an unparalleled opportunity for stimulating in-depth knowledge exchange on a specific research topics under the atmosphere of a retreat environment in Japan. The participants would experience to be immersed in a full-body of sciences on the topics through the conference, leading to establish networks between world-renowned scientists and ambitious generations. The attendees are limited less than 100 scientists, consisting of both invited lecturers and poster presenters nominated by the organizing committee. The participants are requested full attendance throughout the period of the conference (4 days) as a general rule. The Naito Foundation, a non-profit organization for public services, provides all participants full of accommodations and meals for three nights stay at the conference site.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Please complete an online application via the linked website http://naito.umin.jp/ (click “abstract submission” button) during the application period. Please note that your information and the photograph will be on the printed program at the conference.


The 45th Naito Conference

2018/06/26 (Tue.) - 06/29 (Fri.)

Conference Name Immunological and Molecular Bases for Cancer Immunotherapy
Venue CHATERAISE Gateaux Kingdom SAPPORO(Hokkaido)
Poster Application Period 2017/12/05(Tue.) - 2018/01/31 (Wed.)
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The 46th Naito Conference

2018/10/02 (Tue.) - 10/05 (Fri.)

Conference Name Mechanisms of Evolution and Biodiversity
Venue CHATERAISE Gateaux Kingdom SAPPORO(Hokkaido)
Poster Application Period 2018/02/06(Tue.) - 2018/03/15 (Thu.)
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Prohibition of Video Recording and Photographing

Please be reminded that, attendees are prohibited from using photography, video, or recording devices during scientific sessions and poster sessions.


The official language of the Naito Conferences is English. Translation services are not provided.

Dress Code


For Invited Lecturers

Guidelines for the abstract submission

All the speakers are requested to submit an abstract via online by 2-3-month before the conference. The fixed due date will be announced via official invitation letter.

Word count

The text of abstract should not exceed 700 words (a one- or two-page abstract on paper base). All the information including, the name of presenter, affiliation and title with abstract body should be less than 900 words in total (error message will appear when it exceeds the limit of the word count). Chemical structural formulas, figures and tables can be uploaded (on the page) and are not counted as a word.

Title and the body

It is advisable to prepare your abstract in word processing software in advance. It enables you to cut and paste your text quickly and easily into the abstract box. For the use of special characters or text decorations, please check the instructions available on the online submission page.

Receipt and confirmation notice

Once your submission has been successfully processed, you will receive an automatic confirmation with your abstract ID number. If you do not receive a number, it might indicate that your abstract has not been submitted properly. Once you receive your abstract ID and password, please confirm your submission on the "View/Edit Abstract" page by entering your given abstract ID number and password.

Abstract ID number and password

It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your personal information. Please keep your abstract ID number and password into secure location, as you will need them to edit your abstract or to check the status of your submission. For security reasons, we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding forgotten passwords or ID numbers.

Editing your abstract

You can edit your submission as many times as necessary until the final due date (will be fixed later). For editing your abstract, please go to http://naito.umin.jp/index-e.htm and click “Abstract Edit” button, then you will be required your abstract ID number and password.

Information for presentation

  1. Presentation Time
    Plenary Lecturer: 50 minutes
    Lecturer: 30 minutes (25 min. talk +5 min. Q&A.)
    *Detailed program will be announced at a later date.
  2. Please bring your presentation file with your USB memory or PC to our PC operator prior to your presentation. If you would like to make presentation by Macintosh, please bring your own PC.
  3. Following fonts are recommended to avoid any corrupted text:
    Century, Century Gothic, Arial, and Helvetica
  4. If you would like to play movies on your presentation, please bring your own PC with the AC power adapter. Please note that the connector to the projector in the conference room is MiniD-sub 15 pin type. Converting connecter to the D-sub 15 pin type should be provided by the presenter.

Accommodations and expenses covered by the Naito Foundation

  1. Airfares, public transportation expenses from the either the nearest station or local airport of your affiliation to the conference site
  2. 2) Accommodations and meals during the conference
    *For invited overseas lecturers, following expenses will be also covered by the Naito Foundation
  3. Accommodation: One night stay for either pre or post conference at your convenience

Please keep in mind that the Naito Foundation does not cover personal expenses during the conference, such as fees for any room service, phone, and laundry service (but not limited to the list here).
Your travel including accommodations will be arranged by our contracted travel agent.

For Poster Presenters

Qualification of applicants

  • A good command of English for scientific discussion is required.
  • Participation for full four days is a prerequisite.

To participate

To participate in the conference, presentation of your poster at the conference is mandatory.
Please complete an online application via the linked website http://naito.umin.jp/ (click “abstract submission” button) during the application period. The organizing committee will review and select 60 scientists as the poster presenters. Please be reminded that participation without presents is not allowed. Note that your information and the photograph will be on the printed program at the conference.

Nomination for the poster presentation

The organizing committee reviews the all applications, and the results will be informed by 3-4 months before the conference.

The Naito Conference Poster Award

Several excellent poster presenters will be awarded with commemorative shield. All poster presenters are eligible for the award. The organizing committee reviews the all poster presentations, and nominates award winners. The nominees will be announced by the organizing chair on the last day of the conference.

Participation fee

No registration fee is required.

Poster session details

All poster presenters are expected to stand near their posters throughout the poster sessions and to discuss it. Please be reminded that posters and discussion should be in English.
Your poster will be presented in the reception room next the main conference room.

Poster Size

We will have the boards numbered that accept push pins. Please hang your poster on the board that matches your poster number. Push pins are available at the conference site.

Board size: 135 cm (width) x 180 cm (height)

The Naito Conference Poster Board size

Accommodations and Meals

The accommodations (a twin room with two people sharing) and meals will be provided by The Naito Foundation, however, attendees will be responsible for transportation expenses to the conference site.