The Naito Foundation

Basic Policies for the Protection of Personal Information

The Naito Foundation will protect personal information based on the following basic policies.

  1. The Foundation will appropriately obtain personal information by specifying the purpose of its use, when it must obtain such information.
  2. The Foundation will inform or announce the purpose of its use, when it must obtain personal information.
  3. The Foundation will handle personal information within the limitation allowed for the use of specific purpose.
  4. The Foundation establishes a protection system for personal information and will take necessary and appropriate measures to manage personal data safely.
  5. The Foundation will not provide personal data to a third party except when there is a previous agreement from the individual or when the government laws and regulations enforce it. Furthermore, when the personal data are transferred to a consigner, we take appropriate measures to make sure that the consigner handles the personal data safely and appropriately by a contract, etc.
  6. The Foundation takes appropriate measures when there is a request for showing and correcting personal data from an individual, after confirming the person is the correct data owner.
  7. The Foundation tries its best to protect personal information by preparing rules for protecting personal information as well as reviewing and revising the policies described in the above statements on an ongoing basis.

Note: The terms included in the basic policies such as "personal information", "personal data" and "personal data of an individual" are used according to the definitions based on Private Information Protection Law.

Note: Since this homepage was originally written in Japanese, if there are any discrepancy between Japanese words and English, Japanese would be given priority over English.