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The 05th Naito Conference

Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine Networks [II]

Period 1995/10/25 (Wed.) - 1995/10/28 (Sat.)
Venue Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industr(Gifu-pref)
Participants Lectures:25


Takeshi Tabira National lnstitute of Neuroscience
Kazuwa Nakao Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine
Tetsuro Hori Kyushu University Faculty of Medicine
Hiroo Imura (Advisor) Kyoto University


Introduction:Immune elements in the nervous system integration

  1. Prostanoids and prostanoid receptors:A link between cytokines and neuronal functions
    [Shu Narumiya]
    Kyoto University,
  2. Cytokines and their receptors in the brain
    [Masamichi Satoh /Masabumi Minami]
    Kyoto University,
  3. Pyrogenic and cryogenic actions of cytokines
    [Matthew J.Kluger]
    The Lovelace Institutes,
  4. Somnogenic actions of cytokines
    [James M.Krueger]
    University of Tennessee,
  5. Pain modulating actions by cytokines and PGE2 in the brain
    [Takakazu Oka/Tetsuro Hori]
    Kyushu University,
  6. Regulation of cytokine gene expression in the central nervous system: mechanisms and functional consequences
    [Robert Dantzer]

Neural control of immune system

  1. Characterization of biorhythms specific for different immuno- cytes and their physiological control
    [Katsuo Kumagai]
    Tohoku University,
  2. Modulation of NK ce1ls and cytotoxic lymphocytes via conditioning of CNS pathway
    [Raymond N.Hiramoto]
    University of Alabama at Birmingham,
  3. Emotional response and immunity
    [Chiharu Kubo]
    Kyushu University,
  4. Control of Thl/Th2 Tcells by neuropeptides
    [Hiroshi Yamamoto]
    National Institute of Neuroscience,

Interaction between endocrine and immune systems

  1. Corticotropin releasing factor and cytokines
    [Errol B.De Souza]
    Neurocrine Bioscience Inc.,
  2. Cytokines and posterior pituitary functions
    University of Occupational and Environmental Health,
  3. Roles of CRH and AVP in interleukin-1-induced ACTH secretion
    [Toshinori Suda/Hajime Watanobe]
    Hirosaki University,
  4. Natriuretic peptide family and cytokines
    [Hiroshi Ito/Kazuwa Nakao]
    Kyoto University,
  5. α-MSH as an anticytokine substance in the neuro-immune- endocrine networks
    [James M. Lipton]
    University of Texas,

Pathophysiology of Neuro-Immune-Endocrine Networks (1)

  1. The role of TNF family members in CNS inflamination
    [Nancy H. Ruddle]
    Yale University,
  2. Cytokines in the CNS regulated by remote axonal lesion
    [George M. Kreutzberg]
    Max Planck lnstitut Psychiatrie,
  3. Neurotrophic effect of cytokines in the central nervous system
    [Yoshihilro Konishi/Takeshi Tabira]
    National lnstitute of Neuroscience,
  4. The role of CINC/GRO in reproductive pathophysiology
    [Akira Miyake]
    Osaka University,
  5. Endocrine system and extrathymic T cell selection in autoimmune disease
    [Toru Abo]

Pathophysiology of Neuro-Immune-Endocrine Networks (2)

  1. Interleukin-1 in the brain in relation to viral infection, stress and autoimmune disease
    [France Haour]
    Institut Pasteur,
  2. Oral tolerance and cytokines in autoimmune disease
    [Hiroshi lshida]
    National Utano Hospital,
  3. Role of α-MSH in the modulation of host reactions in AIDS and other onditions in humans
    [Anna Catania]
    UniversitaDegliStudi diト1ilano,
  4. Alzheimer's disease and immunology
    [Haruhiko Akiyama]
    Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry,
  5. Depression and neuropsycho immunology:Interaction between cytokines and serotonin
    [Shigeto Yamawaki]
    Hiroshima University,