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The 09th Naito Conference

Bioactive Natural Products and Their Modes of Action [I]: Chemical and Biological Basis for the Diversity of Marine Life

Period 1997/10/15 (Wed.) - 1997/10/18 (Sat.)
Venue Shonan Village Center( Kanagawa-pref.)
Participants Lectures:25


Isao Kitagawa Osaka University
Takeshi Yasumoto Tohoku University
Nobuhiro Fusetani The University of Tokyo
Nobutaka Takahashi The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Akinori Suzuki The University of Tokyo


Chemical DIversity - I

  1. Bioactive Marine Natural Products Research: Historical Perspective and Future Prospects
    [Paul J. Scheuer]
    University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA
  2. Chemistry of Chinese Marine Organisms
    [Jingyu Su]
    Zhongshan University, China
  3. Search for Biologically Active Substances from Marine Sponges
    [Motomasa Kobayashi]
    Osaka University, Japan
  4. Bioactive Metabolites from Marine Microorganisms
    [William Fenical]
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, USA
  5. Search for Lead Compounds from Marine Sponges and Tunicates
    [Nobuhiro Fusetani]
    University of Tokyo, Japan

Chemical Diversity - II

  1. Symbiotic Marine Microorganisms as Biomedical Sources
    [Jun'ichi Kobayashi]
    Hokkaido University, Japan
  2. Activity-based Pursuit of Microalgal Metabolites: Need for Multiple and In-depth Pharmacological Studies
    [Yuzuru Shimizu]
    University of Rhode Island, USA
  3. Bioactive Marine Alkaloids
    [Daisuke Uemura]
    Nagoya University, Japan
  4. Bioactive Metabolites of New Zealand Sponges
    [Murray H. G. Munro]
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  5. Bioactive Substances from Marine Mollusks
    [Kiyoyuki Yamada]
    Nagoya University, Japan

Chemical Basis for Bioactivity

  1. Application of Natural Products to Studies on the Molecular Mechanism of Intracellular Signaling
    [Yasushi ohizumi]
    Tohoku University, Japan
  2. Conus Venoms: A highly Evolved Neuropharmacological Strategy
    [Baldomero M. Olivera]
    University of Utah, USA
  3. Protein Phosphatase Inhibitors: Their Biochemical Characteristics and Physiological Applications
    [Akira Takai]
    Nagoya University, Japan
  4. Mechamisms of Binding of Protein Phosphatase Inhibitors
    [Ronald J. Quinn]
    Griffith University, Australia
  5. Action of Microtubule Inhibitors Produced by Marine Organisms
    [Shigeo Iwasaki]
    The Kitasato Institute, Japan

Bioaccumulation and Food Chain

  1. Tumor Promoters and Cancer Inhibitors Dirived from Marine Natural Products
    [Hirota Fujiki]
    Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan
  2. Bioaccumulation of Shellfish Toxins by Molluscs from the Most Southern Regions of Chile
    [Nester Lagos]
    University of Chile, Chile
  3. Origins and Bioaccumulation Mechanism of Marine Toxins
    [Takeshi Yasumoto]
    Tohoku University, Japan
  4. The Chemical Diversity and Biosynthetic Relatedness of Dinoflagellate Polyether Metabilites
    [Jeffrey L. C. Wright]
    Institute for Marine Biosciences, National Research Council of Canada, Canada
  5. Production of Bioactive Metabolites by Symbiotic Microogranisms in Marine Sponges
    [D. John Faulkner]
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, USA


  1. Bioluminescece Mechanism of Calcium-binding Photoproteins of the Hydrozoa
    [Yoshihiro Ohmiya]
    Shizuoka University, Japan
  2. Chemical Defenses of Seaweeds
    [Valerie J. Paul]
    University of Guam Marine Laboratory, USA
  3. Chemistry on Settlement of Marine Organisms
    [Hiroshi Hirota]
    ERATO, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Japan
  4. A Bio-chemical Approach to Investigate the Ecology of Marine Opisthobranchs
    [Guido Cimino]
    Istituto per la Chimica di Molecole di Interesse Biologico, Italy
  5. Signal Molecules in the Jelly Coat of Starfish Eggs for the Inductin of Acrosome Reaction in Homelogous Spermatozoa
    [Motonori Hoshi]
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan