Subsidy Activities

The Naito Foundation Subsidy for Female Researchers after Maternity Leave


  • To support necessary expense for research for woman researchers to help returning to their research field and making an achievement of the basic research of natural science that contributes to the promotion of health of human being, when their work has been interrupted due to child-bearing and rearing.

Qualification of applicants

  1. A researcher with Ph.D. who is uniquely and energetically engaged in the basic research of natural science and has made a certain research achievement.
  2. A female researcher who plans to return to her work within 60 months from the day of childbirth.
    1) If she returns to work from now on
    She must have a definite date and place of returning to work.
    2) If she has returned to work before the application
    If it is within 60 months from the date of childbirth till the deadline date of subsidy application, she can apply for it.
  3. A document to prove the date of childbirth (mother-child notebook or birth certificate, etc.) must be attached.
  4. If a maiden name, which is different from the birth certificate, is used, a document to prove that maiden name and the name of the birth certificate are the same person.
  5. The same (similar) subsidy from other foundations cannot be applied for during the same period.
  6. A person who belongs to the same class (course) with the member of selection committee of the Naito Foundation cannot apply for this subsidy.

Recommending person

  1. University related people
    • Graduate school: The head of the graduate course
    • Faculty: Dean
    • Research Organization: The director/head of the research organization
    • Other university organization (Research center, research institute, etc.): President

    If there are both a faculty of medical research and a medical school, either one can be a recommending person.

    Note: A director of research center, a director of research institute or a director of hospital cannot be a recommending person.

  2. Research organizations other than universities: A responsible representative at the basic research organization approved by the board of directors of the Foundation (*Necessary documents are mailed to these research organizations.)
  3. Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    (*A member of selection committee is not able to become a recommending person.)
  • The number of recommendation is one per one recommending person.

Method of application

  • If a recommending person is
    1.University or 2.Research organization other than universities:
    University/research organization's Clerical Office
    The Foundation
    3. Directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation:
    Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    The Foundation
    (Only in case No. 3 is applied, remittance of an application form to the Foundation can be either by the applicant or the recommending person.)

Deadline date

  • It must arrive at the Foundation by June 1 (Wednesday), 2011

Screening method

  • The board of directors' meeting decides the person after being reviewed by the selection committee.

Number of subsidies

  • 10 subsidies or less
  • The result shall be reported to the applicants and the recommending persons in October 2011.

Amount of subsidy

  • 2 million yen / year for 3 years
  • However, the continuation of the subsidy for the third year is decided after reviewing the research result of the past two years.
  • The report of the research result of two years is sent by the end of September of the third year.

Time of remittance

  • 1st year: January 2012
  • 2nd year: January 2013
  • 3rd year: March 2014

Reporting duties

  1. The report of research result and the report of expenditure: They must be reported without fail by the end of September 2013 (second year), the end of September 2014 (third year) using designated forms.
  2. Publishing research result: If the subject research is made public, clearly state that the research is funded by The Naito Foundation.
    A duplicate copy must be attached with it.