Subsidy Activities

The Naito Foundation Natural Science Scholarship


  • To support a part of research expense for the basic research of natural science that contributes to the promotion of health of human being.

Qualification of applicants

  • A young scientist (No age limitation) who puts unique and energetic efforts into basic research of natural science that contributes to the promotion of health of human being.
  • However, the following exemptions apply;
    1. A person who belongs to the same class (course) with the member of selection committee of the Naito Foundation cannot apply for this subsidy.
    2. A person who has received the same subsidy within the last three years (recipient of 2008 to 2010) cannot apply for this subsidy.
    3. A research made overseas is not eligible for this subsidy.

Recommending person

  1. University related people
    • Graduate school: The head of the graduate course
    • Faculty: Dean
    • Research Organization: The director/head of the research organization
    • Other university organization (Research center, research institute, etc.): President
      If there are both a faculty of medical research and a medical school, either one can be a recommending person.
      Note: A director of research center, a director of research institute or a director of hospital cannot be a recommending person.
  2. Research organizations other than universities: A responsible representative at the basic research organization approved by the board of directors of the Foundation (*Necessary documents are mailed to these research organizations.)
  3. Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    (*A member of selection committee is not able to become a recommending person.)
  • The number of recommendation is one per one recommending person.

Method of application

  • If a recommending person is
    1.University or 2.Research organization other than universities:
    University/research organization's Clerical Office
    The Foundation
    3. Directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation:
    Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    The Foundation
    (Only in case No. 3 is applied, remittance of an application form to the Foundation can be either by the applicant or the recommending person.)

Deadline date

  • It must arrive at the Foundation by June 1 (Wednesday), 2011

Screening method

  • The board of directors' meeting decides the person after being reviewed by the selection committee.

Number of subsidies

  • 80 subsidies
  • The result shall be reported to the applicants and the recommending persons in October 2011.

Amount of subsidy

  • 3 million yen

Time of remittance

  • December 2011

Reporting duties

  1. The report of research result and the report of expenditure: They must be reported without fail by the end of September 2013 using designated forms.
  2. Publishing the research result: If the subject research is made public, clearly state that the research is funded by The Naito Foundation.
    A duplicate copy must be attached.