Subsidy Activities

The Naito Foundation Subsidy for Dispatch of Young Researchers Abroad


  • To support travel expense for young researchers engaged in the basic research of natural science that contributes to the promotion of health of human being, to make oral presentation of one's research result at an overseas international meeting (conference and symposium, etc.). Thus, it aims to nurture researchers with fully international view who will be the leader of Japanese life science in the future.

Qualification of applicants

  1. A researcher employed at a Japanese university or research institute (including graduate students)
  2. An applicant must be born on April 1, 1971 or later(40 years old or younger)
  3. An applicant's oral presentation must be accepted at an international conference or symposium held overseas to present research result conducted in Japan.
    Poster presentation is excluded.
  • Research presentation made during overseas study period or conducted abroad is excluded.
  • Application is limited to only once a fiscal year.
  • Recipient of this subsidy may apply every other year, but not the next year.

Recommending person

  1. University related people
    • Graduate school: The head of the graduate course
    • Faculty: Dean
    • Research Organization: The director/head of the research organization
    • Other university organization (Research center, research institute, etc.): President

    If there are both a faculty of medical research and a medical school, either one can be a recommending person.

    Note: A director of research center, a director of research institute or a director of hospital cannot be a recommending person.

  2. Research organizations other than universities: A responsible representative at the basic research organization approved by the board of directors of the Foundation (*Necessary documents are mailed to these research organizations.)
  3. Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    (※A member of selection committee is not able to become a recommending person.)
  • The number of recommendation is one per one recommending person. (The Naito Memorial Travel Support for Junior Researchers Presenting at Overseas International Conferences: one per one quarter)

Method of application

  • If a recommending person is
    1.University or 2.Research organization other than universities:
    University/research organization's Clerical Office
    The Foundation
    3. Directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation:
    Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    The Foundation
    (Only in case No. 3 is applied, remittance of an application form to the Foundation can be either by the applicant or the recommending person.)

Deadline date

  • There are four accepting periods depending on the months that academic meetings are held.
Application periodMonths that meetings are heldAccepting dates of application(Must arrive at the Foundation)Result report period
Summer periodJuly to September April 1- May 20Mid June
Autumn periodOctober to December May 21 - Aug. 22Mid Sept.
Winter periodJanuary to March Aug. 23 - Nov. 21Mid Dec.
Spring periodApril to June Nov. 22 - Feb. 20Early March

Screening method/number of subsidies

  • Evaluation meeting consisting of directors in charge of screening and a chairperson of selection committee is held four times a year (June, September, December and March) to select and decide the subsidy recipients.
  • The number of subsidies in each season should be covered within a quarter of annual budgeted amount.
  • The result is reported to applicants and recommending persons during the above period.

Amount of subsidy

DestinationAmount (Yen)Subsidy category
Middle East and Africa400,000
Europe and Brazil350,000
USA, Canada (except west coast), Mexico300,000
USA, Canada (west coast), New Zealand250,000
South East Asia, India, Australia200,000
East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, China)150,000
Korea and Taiwan100,000

Time of remittance

  • Remittance shall be made considering the date of departure.


  • Program, circular and acceptance certificate of oral presentation must be mailed with the application.
  • If acceptance certificate of oral presentation is mailed later, it must arrive at the Foundation on or before the accepting deadline date.

Reporting duties

  • The report of research result and the report of expenditure: They must be reported without fail within one month after returning home with the outline of academic meeting and the breakdown of subsidy expenditure using designated forms.