Subsidy Activities

The Naito Foundation Subsidy for Scientific Symposia and Lecture Meetings


  • This is one of the subsidy activities that respond to an exigent request whose application is accepted as needed and the result is decided through a specific screening procedure.

Qualification of applicants

  • For the person who is in charge of the international conference (symposia, lecture meeting), which is hosted by those who belong to university or research organization.
    International conference means that of which the number of total participants is more than 50, and the number of participants' countries is more than 2.
  • Those who correspond to any of the following, however, are ineligible for application for this subsidy.
    1. For annual or seasonal meetings of the academic society which are held in Japan.
    2. For the same symposia or lecture meetings which The Naito Foundation has adopted for current fiscal year's subsidy.
  • The recommendation to the directors, auditors, councilors and the members of selection committee shall not be made in principle. However, if it is clear that the subsidy is not used for an individual purpose, the preceding sentence may be ignored.

Recommending person

  • 1. Directors, auditors and councilors of the Naito Foundation.
    (*A member of selection committee is not able to become a recommending person. And no self-recommendation. )
  • 2. The representative of the following 27 academic societies
    • The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
    • The Genetics Society of Japan
    • The Japanese Society for Virology
    • Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science
    • The Japanese Association of Anatomists
    • The Chemical Society of Japan
    • The Japanese Cancer Association
    • Japanese Society for Bacteriology
    • Japan Society for Cell Biology
    • The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science
    • The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
    • The Japan Neuroscience Society
    • The Japanese Society for Neurochemistry
    • The Japanese Biochemical Society
    • The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
    • The Biophysical Society of Japan
    • Physiological Society of Japan
    • The Zoological Society of Japan
    • Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry
    • Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
    • The Vitamin Society of Japan
    • The Japanese Society of Pathology
    • The Physical Society of Japan
    • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
    • Japanese Society for Immunology
    • The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
    • The Japanese Pharmacological Society
  • The number of recommendation is one per one recommending per annum.

Method of application

  • If a recommending person is
    1. Directors, auditors and councilors of the Naito Foundation:
    Board of directors, auditors and councilors of the Foundation
    The Foundation
    (Only in case No. 1 is applied, remittance of an application form to the Foundation can be either by the applicant or the recommending person.)
    2. 27 academic societies:
    27 academic societies's Clerical Offfice
    The Foundation

Deadline date

  • There are four accepting periods depending on the months that international conferences are held.
    Application period Months that international conferences are held Accepting dates of application(Must arrive at the Foundation) Result report period
    Summer period July to September April 1- May 20 Mid June
    Autumn period October to December May 21 - Aug. 22 Mid Sept.
    Winter period January to March Aug. 23 - Nov. 21 Mid Dec.
    Spring period April to June Nov. 22 - Feb. 20 Early March

Screening method

  • Approval must go through an exective director, directors in charge of screening and a chairperson of selection committee to decide the subsidy.
  • There are no multiple dispatches to the same scientific meeting within the same fiscal year.
  • The result shall be reported to the applicant and the recommending person as soon as possible.

Number of subsidies

  • The number shall be within the allocated amount of annual budget.

Remittance method of subsidies

  • Subsidies shall be remitted considering the date of the subject case.

Amount of subsidy

  • Maximum of 500,000 yen per subsidy

Reporting duties

  • Reporting the result: The result must be reported within one month of the end of the subsidy event, using a designated form.
  • Announcing to the public: Clearly state on the program of that the event is funded by The Naito Foundation if it is announced to the public.