Subsidy Activities

The Naito Foundation Subsidy for Promotion of Specific Research Projects


  • To support the research of pioneering theme in the basic research of natural science that contributes to the promotion of health of human being.

Qualification of applicants

  1. The organizing committee members of the Naito Conference scheduled to be held the next year.
    (*If an organizing committee member is appointed as a director, an auditor, a councilor or a member of selection committee, this person cannot apply for this subsidy.)
  2. Informally appointed recipients selected by the organizing committee during the Conference who participated in and presented a poster at the Naito Conference of this year that was publicly recruited.

Screening method

  • The board of directors' meeting decides the person with the consent of the board of councilors.

Number of subsidies (amount of subsidies)

  1. 5 subsidies (The total amount of 9 million yen)
  2. 10 subsidies (The total amount of 5 million yen)

Time of remittance

  1. July 2011
  2. Between December 2011 and March 2012